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About Reiki

[metaslider id=48] What is Reiki? You can learn Usui Reiki in 3 hours. Same day you can try this on yourself and others.  You can see the results even if u don’t have the faith. You get results even if u don’t have concentration while practicing. In the training empowerment procedure is important. Reiki master […]

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Rajakriya Reiki

It is very advanced form of Reiki. You can do distance healing without Symbols and mantras. It takes hardly 3 hours(1 day) to learn. Daily Practice time 10 minutes. Eligiblity: Practice of Reiki-I for at-least 21 days. Rajakriya Reiki is Advanced method in Reiki. It is Multidimensional healing tool – activates multiple existences. Amplifies Consciousness […]

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